Sanctus was a death/black metal band from Southern California that existed between the years of 1996 and 2004. This site has been set up to bring you music from the band that was released on a very limited basis. Approximately 50 copies of each the Pantheon demo and the Fateshifter EP were pressed. So here, we present you with the original songs from those recordings in mp3 format for your downloading, listening, and distributing pleasure.

Fateshifter EP

  • “Turned Within”
  • “Dream”
  • “Fateshifter”

Originally released (kind of) in 2003.

Performed by Jason McCrarey, Mike O’Meara, Royce Hsu, Adrian Ross, Brent Gibson, and Michael Chi.

Download Fateshifter (mp3/192kbps)

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Aeon Sky

  • “Empyreal”
  • “If We Fall…”
  • “Odyssey” [youtube]
  • “November” [youtube]
  • “Tired of the Pain” [youtube]
  • “Thought I Saw Your Wings”
  • “Thy Desolation”
  • “Remnants”

Originally released in 2000 via Metal Blade Records.

Performed by Jason McCrarey, Royce Hsu, Adrian Ross, Brent Gibson, Michael Chi.

Buy Aeon Sky: eBay,, The Pirate Bay, or elsewhere

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Pantheon (demo)

  • “Thy Desolation”
  • “If We Fall…”
  • “Visions”

Originally released in 1998 (on cassette only) as the band Pantheon.

Performed by Jason McCrarey, Royce Hsu, and Michael Chi.

Download Pantheon (mp3/128kbps)

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